Natural Process Coffees

Natural sundried, also called “natural process” or “dry process,” means drying coffee cherries whole without the intervention of water or machines to remove any of the fruit. Prior to drying, the cherries are picked, floated in water, and sorted to remove any under-ripe or overripe fruit.

The natural process is considered a more traditional method of processing. It originated in locations with limited access to clean water, and it works best in places with low humidity and infrequent rain, like Yemen or Ethiopia. Today, farmers and mills will sometimes choose this process because they and their buying partners are excited about the fruity flavor profiles it yields.

Colombia | Light Roast | Natural Process

from $22.00

Brazil | Dark Roast | Natural Process

from $18.00

Legacy | Medium Roast | Natural Anaerobic Process

from $20.00

Ethiopian Bombe | Light Roast | Natural Process

from $22.00

Roaster's Choice Natural Process


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